Dear Mooers, we have a good news and a bad news:

Let’s start with the bad, we are going to say goodbye to Moo Moo Sweet House. On Wednesday, April 25th, Moo Moo Sweet House will be open at 11A.M. & closed at 6 P.M.

So, the GOOD NEWS is, Moo House Cafe is opening at the next day! With the same recipe of special dinks and ice from Moo Moo Sweet House, Moo House Cafe is going to serve special snacks that you will have never had! Come check on our new menu in store or online now!

Even better, your gift cards and rewards will still be the same even though they say Moo Moo Sweet House on it.

We’re happy to have your continued support and hope to see you soon!


Moo House Cafe